Inorbit Malls – Mall Advertising

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Inorbit Malls – Mall Advertising

Inorbit Malls operates several high end malls in India which serve as a one-stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, food and entertainment. They also offer great avenues for brand promotions.

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Media Description

Media Options

Inorbit Malls offer numerous branding options.

Target Audience

The target audience for Inorbit Malls is families, teenagers and young couples who belong to the middle and upper middles classes.


Inorbit Malls have a great daily footfall, especially on weekends.


Inorbit Malls advertising offers the following advantages:

•    It reaches consumers at or just before the point of purchase.
•    The displays are colourful and attractive and can deliver a clear and dramatic message.
•    The displays are typically positioned in uncluttered areas and are difficult to miss.
•    It is a great place to advertise for product launches and to spread brand awareness.


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