Auto Rickshaw Advertising

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Auto Rickshaw Advertising

The auto rickshaw is a commonly used mode of transportation in most cities. Auto rickshaw advertising is a catchy and innovative medium to draw the audience’s attention in a cost effective manner.

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Media Description

Media Options

Auto rickshaws offer the following advertising options:

•    Hood
•    Back panel
•    Side panel
•    Interior

Target Audience

The target audience for auto rickshaws is people in crowded market areas, residential colonies, colleges, traffic etc as well as the customers (for ads inside the rickshaw).


An average auto rickshaw travels between 12 to 18 hours daily, covering around 100-200 km. This translates into more than 1 lakh eye balls every day.


Auto rickshaw advertising offers the following advantages:

•    It is a great medium for new launches and brand advertising.
•    The message can be easily spread among consumers.
•    It is an economical mode of advertising.

Terms & Conditions

•    A minimum duration of one month must be taken.
•    The agency is not responsible for theft of flex.


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